Hey, I'm Ed.

I'm a software engineer.


Let's take a walk πŸ‘‡

Skills πŸ’ͺ

I've been working as a software engineer since 2015. I have maintained, developed and launched a large number of projects. I like working on innovative ideas with TypeScript using NodeJS, React & GraphQL.

Backend development

  • NodeJS (NestJS, KoaJS, ExpressJS)

  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL, Neo4j)

  • Protocols (GraphQL, REST, RPC)

  • Queues (RabbitMQ, Kafka, Redis)

  • Architecture (DDD, microservices, monorepo, CQRS)

  • Testing (Jest, Supertest)

Frontend development

  • SPA (React, React Native, NextJS, Styled Components)

  • Android (XML, Jetpack)


  • Testing (Jest, React Testing Library, Espresso, Cypress)

  • Build systems (Webpack, NX)

  • Architecture (Clean Architecture, use cases, onion)

Project management

  • Story/task estimation, sprint planning

  • Leading teams, mentoring, backlog grooming

  • Code review

UI/UX design

  • Design mockup (low fidelity, high fidelity)

  • Hypothesis testing, Agile feedback loops

  • Client requirement gathering

The past

  1. 2015-2017

    I founded a health startup with some friends β€” GlassByte.

  2. 2017

    I got my degree from Trinity College Dublin and left GlassByte a few months later for a new challenge.

  3. 2018

    I joined Swrve and got my hands dirty with a new language and framework β€” Ruby on Rails.

  4. 2019

    I moved to Belgium and worked as a remote contractor for a few months with devfair. Later that year, I joined Sortlist.

  5. 2020-2022

    I left Sortlist during the pandemic and joined Aaqua.

  6. 2022

    Aaqua went bankrupt and I took some time off to chill, finish personal projects, and to breathe a little.

  7. 2023

    I joined Bluecrux.

The present

Right now I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Bluecrux, and have been doing so since Jan 2023.

My preferred stack is NodeJS, TypeScript, NestJS, PostgreSQL & ReactJS.

In my spare time, I like to work on my own projects and hobbies.

The future

I am interested in working in innovative areas of technology that improve people's lives.

I'm also open to taking some risks and co-founding a startup as long as the focus is building a great product.

This does not include ❌

Crypto, weapons, oil, tobacco, gambling, stock trading, banks, pseudo health concepts, social media

It depends on the company πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Insurance, housing, travel, devops, content streaming, auditing

This does include βœ…

Proven health concepts, languages, ethical management, environment, marketplaces, transport, education, communication, fitness, logistics, music

Think I could be a good fit? Let's chat over a coffee 🀝




Litmus test


We're like a family

> We're going to emotionally abuse you

We manually test our code

> We have no idea what we're doing

We made our own framework

> We have no documentation

I already asked <someone> about you from <company>️

> We don't care if someone you haven't worked with hates you

Here are stocks in lieu of a fair wage

> We think that you are an idiot


We're like a sports team

> We recognise that work involves money and treat you with respect

We use CI/CD pipelines to automate things

> We don't want to waste your time with repeatable tasks

We use <framework> but have some internal tooling too

> We want you to build transferable skills

️Here's our offer, but we need to ask for references too

> We value people who have worked with you to tell the truth

We offer a fair wage, but we offer stocks as a long term incentive too

> We value you as a long-term relationship and want everyone to succeed